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Welcome to Skyline Industries Spray Foam and High Performance Coatings

Contact_ImageFor over a decade, Skyline Industries has specialized in High Performance Coatings and Spray Foam Insulation for Commercial, New Residential and Industrial Containment services. We offer fluid applied solutions to many problems building owners and maintenance staff fail to realize they have. Our high performance coatings (Acrylic, Silicone, Polyurea, etc.) have repaired Water Treatment Tanks and added stability and protection from off-gassing in Compost Facility steel structures. Our Spray Foam has increased STC (Sound Transfer) ratings while adding energy efficiency that batt insulation simply cannot provide.

Bayview_4Providing our customers with the latest in Polyurea, Silicone and SPF is our main goal. We understand your project and do our best to offer solutions that lead to worry-free results whether you are in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania or even Hawaii. We are a nationwide provider of Spray Foam Insulation and Coating services based on the scale of your project. Visit us here for more information. Or visit our corporate site here.