Spray Foam Insulation Renders the R-Value Methodology Almost Useless

skylinesprayfoam3When bidding large commercial projects, we typically come across contractors who would like the see our Spray Foam numbers compared to traditional batt or rigid board insulation. When we ask for the Spray Foam spec, they simply say, “Give me an R-Value of ‘this or that'”. What many people fail to realize is that R-Values are created in a vacuum. In other words, your 32 R-Value Batt insulation was given the 32 R-Value without accounting for air, moisture and other mechanisms of heat transfer.

Contact_ImageIn order to better understand the benefits of Spray Foam insulation over your traditional fiberglass model, you really should understand Convective Looping and Thermal Drift. When considering ‘real’ R-Values, 93% of conductive heat flow is already stopped by R-13 insulation. This is insulation actually performing at R-13. Upgrading from R-13 to R-40 reduces conductive heat flow by only another 5%. R-Value measures the energy (Heat) moving through the insulation material (Conduction). But the real culprit in energy or heat wasting in air-leakage (Convection).

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Spray Foam Insulation is simply better than any alternative in Insulating your Commercial or Residential Property

skylinesprayfoam1The goal of building insulation is to resist heat transfer. It acts as a barrier for keeping outside temperatures outside and for keeping inside temperatures maintained without constantly engaging your HVAC. The result of good insulation is simply keeping buildings warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather. Heat transfer occurs in many of the smallest places in a building, so having the proper insulation is extremely important.

In air permeable insulations, such as fiberglass or cellulose, R values are very dynamic. The greater the temperature difference is from outside to inside, the greater the reduction in the actual insulation performance is. Simply put, R values and overall performance of air permeable insulations become lower when they are needed most. Add in a wind factor and these insulations are further greatly compromised.

Spray Foam is a complete insulation, air barrier system that seals ceiling, wall, and floor
cavities against air movement, including spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures,
at baseboards and where walls meet windows and doors. This means that outside air
(either hot or cold) cannot seep into the building, causing drafts or cold spots. It also means that humid interior air cannot enter the structure and condense.

Skyline Industries uses only the highest quality products on the market to better ensure your property is protected against the elements and the highest level of energy savings is reached. Click here for more information on Skyline Industries.

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