Roof Restoration and Coatings

Getting to know and understand our clients is the key to producing a successful roofing solution.
By building that relationship, it allows us to design a quality restoration program customized around our client’s needs. A thorough visual and thermal image inspection help define trouble areas and
a comprehensive renovation plan is put into motion.

When it comes to flat, low-slope and metal roofs, our primary focus is to restore what is currently
in place with a couple of different systems: fluid-applied coatings and Spray polyurethane foam (SPF). Both offer many advantages over traditional roofing systems, including seamless and fully-adhered application, improved energy efficiency and return on investment (ROI), and little to no down time or disruption to the occupant. Our systems are sustainable, qualify for LEED points and often require no tear-off.

Any time a roof is neglected and is in such condition that it requires a complete tear-off and replacement, one thing always comes to mind…LIABILITY. Not only is a tear-off and replacement expensive, it is also an extreme, and often times unnecessary, option that leaves the building’s contents vulnerable to exposure by impending weather conditions and often creates disruption for
the occupant during the process. When utilizing our roofing systems, a tear-off is often minimized
or unneeded, therefore limiting that risk. Repairs can be made only to the affected areas and the new roof can then be installed over the entire existing substrate to produce a seamless and sustainable roof system.